About Us

Why We Exist

Thrive Church

Whether you’re new to church, have been a Christian for many years, or are looking for a fresh start, you’re welcome here. Our hope is to give you a place where you experience a fresh, enjoyable connection to God and a community of people.


We keep our focus simple so we can have the biggest impact possible. Everything we do as a church is filtered through our focus on helping every person live the full life for which God created all of us.

Our Vision

We exist so that people will thrive in Christ. 

Our Mission

We help people thrive in Christ through a 4 step process of: knowing God, finding freedom, discovering purpose, and making a difference. 

Our Team


Lead Pastor & Worship Pastor

Chris & Jennifer Logan

Pastor Chris & Jennifer founded Thrive in 2015. They have a true heart for the lost of this city and this area. They pray that people will discover their God given purpose and make a difference for Him. Chris & Jen have 4 children they have raised in Lexington: Ashton, Cody, Carlee, & Aleah. 


Sherri McDaniel

Sherri is our admin. Anything that gets done around here, you can be sure that Sherri had a hand in it. We are so thankful for her heart to serve the Lord.

Creative Director

Cody Logan

Cody leads our creative team. If he is not in the media booth you can find him chasing around his two boys along side his wife, Nicole. 

Our Mission

A 4 step process to help people thrive in Christ. 

Know God

God wants to know us personally. More than just practicing religion, He wants a relationship with us. Our weekend services are where we focus on that relationship. Whether you're new to faith, have questions, or have been a Christ follower for a long time, our services are a safe place to learn more about what it means to know God and grow closer to him.

Find Freedom

One of the ways God designed us to live in freedom is to have people in our life to help us in the journey. Connecting with others in Thrive Small Groups is a practical and enjoyable way to find that kind of life-changing community. 

Discover Purpose

We're all an important part of God's plan, and our life will never make sense until we discover our purpose. The Thrive Growth Track is designed to help us take steps in the important process of discovering our purpose. 

Discover Purpose

This is God's ultimate plan for our life -- to make a difference in the lives of others. When we do, the Bible tells us we will experience joy. Through the Thrive Dream Team, we hope to connect every person to an opportunity to live out their calling by using their gifts and talents to serve others in the church and the community. 

Our History

Get to know us! 

Founded in 2015 by Pastors Chris & Jennifer Logan, with a mission of building a church catering to those outside its walls rather than those inside the walls. 


Launched on September 27, 2015 in Henry Clay High School Thrive was born! 


Moving to multiple locations through our church life we are now in the process of building a permanent facility on Maple Leaf Drive in Hamburg! 


Expected completion on building is Fall of 2023!